International Trading of Non-Ferrous Metals

Sims Metal Management Asia Limited is the Group corporate subsidiary company of Sims Metal Management Limited. Based in Hong Kong, Sims Metal Management Asia Limited is located at the epicenter of the largest metal consuming markets – China and industrialized East Asia.

  • International trading and marketing of scrap generated from Sims’ global operations

Non-ferrous metals

Zorba and zurich (non-ferrous shredder residue)

Non-bulk stainless steel scrap

  • Third party non-ferrous and stainless steel international brokering

Global Non-Ferrous Trading Leader

  • Buy or Sell Bulk Non-Ferrous Metal to Sims

  • Scrap Metal Description

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It has come to our attention that one or more individuals unrelated to Sims Metal are using the name of employees from Sims Metal as well as our company name purportedly to offer scrap metal. These individuals are requesting payment in part or in full in advance of delivery, which would not occur because these are NOT Sims transactions. These individuals provide a fake invoice using a non-Sims address and non-Sims phone number with a fake Sims logo and bank information from a non-Sims account falsely listing the Sims name for the wiring of funds. These individuals are using the Sims logo, the Sims name and the name of Sims employees in a scam. Most targets to date have not been regular Sims customers.

When purchasing scrap metal from Sims you may confirm any purchase through your existing commercial contact. If you do not have a regular contact and would like to verify that the purchase actually was from Sims, please forward any inquiries to